Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Devoran to the rain

The weather forecast was so bad for today that we had a call from John, our instructor at the HRCST, last night to say that there would be no sailing today. It was breezy enough yesterday. We made a start and got to grips with the basics but it was not really beginners weather!

So today I decided to get in a long run instead as part of my marathon training. There have been a lot of ups and downs to my training in the last few months. The local elections campaign limited the time that I had to train. In June I twisted my right ankle and then in August I twisted my left ankle for good measure.

But I have made steady progress. I am now in the middle of the hardest phase of my training - for the last four weeks I have been increasing the length of my longest runs. On Saturday I ran 16 miles. Today I needed to run 14 miles.

Bike Barn is a relatively new but successful business founded by Roger Knight and his wife at Cambrose near Portreath. They hire bikes but also put a lot of energy into promoting the mineral tramway cycle route that runs coast to coast from Portreath to Devoran, down near Mylor through some stunning scenery including the Bissoe valley nature reserve. It is relatively flat and runs for twelve miles in total.

When I visted Roger a month or two ago he was in the middle of preparations for a fundraising event that takes place this month to raise money for a project to make cycling more accessible to people with disabilities. It is a great idea and the mineral tramway is a fantastic route to run such a project from. David Cameron had signed a bottle of Whisky for me which I dropped down to him as an auction prize.

I also told him I would come back to run the full length of it when I was fit enough and today was the day. I was dropped off at Devoran. It seemed a long way there by car and there was heavy rain as I started - which continued throughout the whole run. But it helped keep me cool.

In the end I went all the way to Portreath and then the two miles extra back up to Bike Barn which made a total of 14.3 a time of 1 hour 56 minutes which was ok given the weather. But I need to do 18 miles this weekend which I am not looking forward to.