Saturday, 15 August 2009

Camborne Town Council

Last night I went along to the boat party for Camborne Town Council. It was organised by the Mayor, Bill Jenkin, but it was a real cross party affair with many of the councillors present from all parties and others who have been involved in helping their work. There was a bit of drizzle but not enough to dampen spirits and we finished the evening by watching the fantastic fire work display to mark the end of Falmouth Week.

We have by-elections in Camborne next Thursday for the Town Council. Two Lib Dem councillors who were unsuccessful at the Council elections in June have now chucked the towel in and walked away from their responsibilities to the town causing costly by-elections. But it also provides an opportunity to get some fresh blood on the Town Council with fresh ideas. We have two great candidates in Stuart Odgers and Vince Young who both have deep roots in Camborne and have a love and commitment to the town. I have been helping them both this week and they are getting a good reception.

With the row over MP's expenses, it is easy for people to forget that town and parish councillors are not paid and receive no expenses. They give up their time for free and the reason they do it is for the town they care about. That counts for something and the candidates in this election, whatever party they are standing for, deserve a bit of respect for putting themselves forward.