Friday, 14 August 2009

Waste not, want not....

I was running a little late for my visit to the SOFA project off Dudnance Lane at Pool. Before leaving I snatched a look at their website and, from the photos, worked out that they were in one of the old units opposite the bridge that heads up to Piece near the leisure centre. Better get going. But on arrival it was clear they had moved so it was time to roam around some of the other units nearby until I found the right place.

The SOFA project is a charity that tries to kill two birds with one stone. They recycle bulky furniture and white goods to reduce the amount of waste we chuck into landfill and at the same time give furniture to people who are in need and trying to set up a new home. Daphne is the Chair of the charity and David is the manager. They are both fizzing with ideas when I meet them. They have recently relocated to a new unit that gives them much more space and far better facilities.

SOFA is a charity but also has a commercial arm to their operation. There is evidence that they have reduced the amount of bulky waste going to landfill where they have been used by up to 37 percent and they help 500 families a year to set up home.

We need more of this sort of solution but it requires some imagination. You need people who know what they are looking for to run the waste disposal operations of the council so that goods which have a value to someone else are recognised and salvaged in time.