Friday, 31 July 2009

Trevu Road

The sleeper service is by far the best way to travel to Cornwall, but I generally try to get a good night's sleep the following night to make up for the tiredness from travelling.

But tonight that's not going to happen. My brother Giles needs help calving a cow at 12.30 am. It is all a bit difficult and complicated but ends well with a healthy South Devon calf born shortly before 2am. I have been out of farming for the best part of ten years now, but don't think I did too bad considering that!

Today is also the launch day for the new Camborne market. It has been organised by Ivor from CPR Regerneration and he has done really well. There are numerous stalls ranging from fresh fish to sweets, crafts, T shirts and jams. I bought some sweets and some outstanding pink grapefruit marmalade from a local producer who grows much of her own fruit.

I then move on to do some canvassing around Mount Pleasant Road with Stuart Odgers, our candidate for the Town Council by election in Camborne South. We have a lot of by elections on the Town Councils this summer as Lib Dem councillors defeated in June retire from politics altogether. Stuart is the perfect candidate for this area. He has lived in Camborne all his life, has been a governor of the local primary school and is very well known and a good listener. But the election date is set for the 20 August and getting people out to vote will be the challenge.

While there we bump in to Sue Winter, who has been running a very successful campaign to keep the children's centre at Trevu Road open. I met Sue and some of her colleagues last week to discuss the issues around the children's centre and it was good to have an update.

Late last year, under the old Lib Dem administration, the County Council took a decision to close the children's centre at Trevu Road without adequate consultation. It is clear that the decision needs to be revisited and some common sense injected. Dave Biggs, the Conservative councillor for Camborne West, has been on the case and organised a meeting with Kevin Lavery last week where assurances were given that no rash decisions would be taken.

The old grammar school on Trevu Road is a beautiful building and the sort of place that should be kept as a community resource in my view. A consultation is promised and I think it is very important that such a consultation is genuine and looks at all options that would enable the children's centre and other facilities to continue to be offered from the existing building. The terms of reference of any consultation must be correctly drawn.

Just time to do another the rain again - before heading to the Camborne RFC barbecue held here at Trevaskis. The weather has been awful but the club enjoyed the night out and we had put up some cover just in case. The team are getting geared up ready for the next season. Their first friendly match is in about three weeks time and the season starts again properly in little more than a month. Doesn't seem long since the end if season party at the Lowenac...