Sunday, 2 August 2009

Carnival time

Last night was Hayle Carnival. It has been a few years since I last attended. When I was younger we used to lend the farm lorry to be used in a “cowboys and indians” themed float which was organised every year by John Eddy and always went along to watch.

Although the weather has been unsettled in recent days, this year it stayed fine for the carnival. I knew quite a few of the local farmers driving the tractors that pulled the floats. Martin and Andrew Richards and Chris Eddy had all been called on to do their bit.

Probably the most energetic (and certainly the noisiest) float was the Hayle Rugby Club team who wore green and black wigs and danced to loud music - stopping at every pub to make an impact. Not far behind were the Hayle Samba team. There were a lot of entries. Several scout groups, many other community groups and charities and my old friends at Praze YFC who dressed up as nurses and pushed a giant cot through town in aid of the Precious Lives Appeal.

It is the time of year for outdoor events and this weekend there have been a lot of other celebrations. I enjoyed a cream tea at Penponds yesterday and today have spent the afternoon at the Redruth Fun Day in Victoria Park and later on at Portreath Harbour for their own celebrations. But at Portreath there was some concern that one of the lads taking part in a greasy pole competition had been banged on the head and had to be taken to hospital.