Friday, 22 January 2010

Hayle Town Council meeting

I always try to occasionally get along to the Town Council meetings. I think it is really important that we reinvigorate the most local building blocks in our democracy. The Conservatives have led the way when it comes to driving forward the agenda for “localism” which means doing more to empower local communities. All too often people feel fobbed off by sham “consultations” when what is really needed is genuine accountability: the ability to throw people out if they fail.

Tonight I went along to the Hayle Town Council meeting. It was encouraging to see that one of the other parliamentary candidates had also taken the time to attend – Derek Elliott from UKIP.

John Coombe, our illustrious town Mayor, was chairing discussions about a number of supermarket applications for the Hayle area. There does seem to be something of a rush from many different quarters to build a supermarket around the town at the moment. There is also local concern around aspects of the Hayle Harbour project.

I support the idea of regeneration in Hayle but have set three criteria that I would apply to the detail of any development. First we must safeguard local wildlife; second, the plans need to fit together as a coherent whole and third, the project must be something that future generations will be proud of. In the current financial environment, we also need to take a very serious look at how we get things off the drawing board and in to reality. Hayle residents will be following the issue closely in the months ahead.