Friday, 29 January 2010

Canvassing in Angarrack

The big drive on canvassing continues. Today I started in Angarrack – a village just outside Hayle. The first door I knocked on had an old VW camper van parked outside. I asked whether I could count on their support. “No” was the reply, “that didn’t take long did it?” he added. Indeed it didn’t. Maybe the camper van was called Daisy?

The next door I knocked on, before I could say anything the gentleman said, “I knew your father AND your grandfather.” There was a pause as I waited to find out whether he regarded that as a good thing or bad thing. Luckily it was good news.

A few doors down and I had a discussion with someone who looked familiar but who I couldn’t place. On reading my leaflet, the penny dropped and she ran back out to congratulate me on the marathon run. We had both been members at Cornwall Athletic Club years ago.

The last but one house was answered by Nicola – someone I remember very well from my Young Farmers days twenty years ago. She was a Nancledra member but today has two children and we discussed at length plans for supermarkets in Hayle.

Further down by the river, we got into the James family territory. Geoffrey and Barbara are life long friends of my parents and I grew up with Jonathan, Christopher and Andrew who also all live in the area now. Riverside is also the place where my first girlfriend lived way back in 1987.

Tomorrow we start on Connor Downs...another village close to home!