Thursday, 30 July 2020

The Great British holiday

Parliament has now broken for the summer and I am looking forward to August back in Cornwall to catch up with family and friends. When the lockdown occurred I was in London and needed to stay at that end to deal with the Coronavirus response and some of the daily press conferences.
After months of lockdown it is entirely understandable that many people took the chance to go to Spain for their annual holiday. For a lot of families, they would have booked their holiday at the beginning of the year and won’t get a chance again to take time off year with their children. To try to help these families, the government cautiously lifted the quarantine requirements for some countries where the risk was judged low but we have had to keep the issue under close review. The decision this week to put back quarantine requirements for those returning from Spain shows that we still have to be cautious as we try to live our lives alongside the virus.
For those, however, who do not want to risk travelling abroad, there is of course the great British holiday. Across the country from our golden sandy beaches and beautiful gardens and landscapes in Cornwall, to the rolling hills of the north, Britain has restful landscapes if not always the perfect beach weather! Many of these areas are heavily dependent on tourists who typically visit from Easter until the early autumn, but because of Coronavirus have experienced financial problems. By holidaying here in the UK we can give something back to communities across the country and truly make a difference to their businesses.
My daughter is now coming up to three years old and associates Cornwall with the seaside so I am sure we will be spending some time at Gwithian. Paradise Park is another must visit attraction. They are also home to the World Parrot Trust which does some much conservation work internationally to rescue birds from the illegal trade in endangered birds captured from the wild. Along the Helford we also have some stunning gardens like Trebah and Glendurgan which I hope to get to in the next few weeks and we may venture further afield to the Eden Project.
I hope that in the weeks ahead, many of you will get a chance to have a break. My office remains open if you have a problem that you need help solving. I can be contacted at, by telephone on 0207 219 7032

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