Thursday, 30 January 2020

We've got Brexit done, now lets move on

By the time that many of you read this article, there will be less than 24 hours until the UK has formally left the European Union. This is a momentous occasion and there are many exciting opportunities open to the UK as we chart a new course and enter a new chapter in our history. From my perspective, the chance to be at the heart of designing an independent agriculture and fisheries policy for the first time in half a century is something I relish.
Over the course of the last three years, there were times when both I and many others who had voted to leave the European Union feared that Brexit would never happen and that for the first time in this country’s history we would not have respected a democratic vote. As someone who campaigned to leave and sought to compromise in order to achieve Brexit, it’s been a deeply frustrating time.
With Brexit now done, the time has come to move on, to bring this country back together and get on with delivering on the people’s priorities. I think there are signs that we may have turned a corner with the aggressive tone of debate changing and a calmness descending on Westminster and the general political debate. Much of this has been helped by the fact that the government is getting on with the job and doing what it said it would do in its manifesto during the recent election campaign.
From investing in our NHS, levelling up our schools funding and improving the vital infrastructure on which we all depend, there is much going on within Westminster and at a local level. Already the Prime Minister has indicated his support for regions like the South West and others outside of London to help reduce the inequalities that exist in our communities. In our NHS, we have seen commitments to build a new hospital, a new maternity and children unit at RCHT Treliske whilst also nationally increasing spending on the NHS by almost £34 billion per year.
On schools, the Prime Minister has confirmed his commitment to improving standards and ensuring that every child has access to a world class education. Last week statistics for schools across Camborne, Redruth and Hayle revealed that many had seen an increase in the proportion of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics last year. With some schools experiencing a jump of over 40%, it is clear that children are already benefiting from the excellent standards of teaching that they are receiving.
The last three years have been a turbulent year in British Politics, however it is my hope that with a majority government, we can continue to put the turmoil and divisiveness of the past behind us and all move on. Events to date have shown a promising start for the year.

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