Thursday, 6 February 2020

Unleashing the potential of our towns

The result of the recent General Election has transformed British politics and given way to a sense of energy and optimism. Much of this is because the government now has a stable majority providing the ability to get on with the job of governing. However, there is also another factor that is proving decisive, namely that the government is committed to delivering on its promises, levelling up our towns and cities and unleashing Britain’s potential.
For towns like Camborne, Redruth and Hayle this is welcome news. Our local towns were once at the heart of the industrial revolution and our expertise in mining engineering was second to none. Over the years, with the loss of mining our fortunes waned and all too often the political attention was on big northern cities, but now we have an opportunity to reset this imbalance and deliver the economic regeneration that our towns and communities need.
In Hayle there is already some exciting work taking place to transform the harbour into a new coastal quarter. We have already repaired the harbour walls, started to develop South Quay and built a new marine business park on North Quay. Now further construction is under way at North Quay with the first phase of the scheme delivering homes, new shops and open spaces just yards from the beach at Gwithian Towans. There will also be considerable investment into the roundabout at Loggans Moor roundabout helping to improve the flow of traffic and improve the infrastructure.
The Historic Towns Fund is also set to help with the regeneration of Redruth, one of just 69 in the country. It recognises the amazing architecture that we have in Redruth and will help restore it. The fund can help spread the regeneration that has been started with the opening of Kresen Kernow. Projects like Krowji and the work around the Butter Market shows just what is possible with some imagination, passion and local leadership and we now have funds to help facilitate further work.
In the weeks ahead I will also be meeting community leaders in Camborne to explore plans to help transform Camborne’s growth prospects. Camborne will be receiving funds from the new Towns Fund which focuses on areas with a proud industrial heritage that are in need of economic growth, with up to £25 million being designated for Camborne. There are already a number of exciting and innovative ideas being talked about including the potential to redevelop the old bus station, and breathe new life into the high street but I want to ensure that the community is fully involved in discussions about priorities.

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