Thursday, 26 April 2018

Trevithick Day

This week, I am very much looking forward to attending the Trevithick Day celebrations. Back in 2010, when I was first elected to Parliament, I made Richard Trevithick the main focus of my maiden speech.  I found a wonderful statement from him saying that, although he had been criticised for trying new principles and was left in severe financial hardship as a result of his pioneering endeavours, he knew in his own heart that he had brought forward new ideas that would be of boundless value to his country.  For many years, Trevithick's achievements were not really recognised which makes it all the more important we celebrate them now.

For me the achievements of Richard Trevithick epitomise the contribution made by Cornwall to the Industrial Revolution, and while Holmans and the mines may be gone, Camborne and Redruth still has many world leaders in specialist engineering.

Large Diameter Drilling (LDD) have opened a factory at Tolvaddon. This is a world leading company specialising in heavy engineering and drilling technology and they are involved in projects around the world including Panama, Argentina, Alaska, Malaysia and Australia.  It's great that the legacy of Holmans lives on through new, world leading companies like LDD.  
Meanwhile, European Springs and Pressings in Redruth are leading experts in the field of spring manufacturing and high speed press technology. They have had a fantastic year and continue to go from strength to strength. Severn Subsea in Redruth helps manufacture complex components for the oil and gas industry.  DP Engineering, also in Redruth, manufactures specialist components for the aerospace industry while Rigibore in Hayle produce highly specialised, computer guided drill bits for use in precision hydraulics manufacturing.

In some cases, the driving forces behind these companies trace their roots back to Holmans.  It is why the greatest legacy left by Holmans wasn't the buildings but the people they trained. I would like to see us build on our heritage and expertise in engineering.  We are seeing our local schools bring in a renewed focus on science and technology to prepare the next generation for a rewarding career in technology and, in recent years, the government has delivered a huge expansion in apprenticeships to help young people get a career.   

I have been really encouraged by the energy that our local schools have put in to promoting science as a career choice for their pupils. The future success of our nation will depend on us maintaining a lead in technology. Britain has a lot going for it. Four of the world’s top ten universities are in the UK. We lead in areas such as cyber technology, satellite communications, aerospace and pharmaceuticals.
Last week’s employment figures signalled further good news for the area, with unemployment at its lowest level since the early 1970s. Since becoming an MP, I have prioritised regeneration. I am clear that I want to see these fantastic companies continue to thrive, and offer well paid jobs so that our brightest young people are encouraged to stay here in Cornwall.


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