Monday, 2 March 2015

Police Funding

We all know that we can only afford to increase funding for our public services and our police force if we get our economy back on its feet. The last Labour government almost bankrupted the country, saddling every family in Britain with huge debts. That has meant some difficult decision have had to be taken and the police have had to manage with a slightly smaller budget like everyone else.

However, what matters is how much they achieve with the funding they have. I regularly visit our police force in Camborne and Redruth and I am always really impressed by their professionalism.  We have seen big improvements in efficiency in the last few years and the Government has scrapped pointless paperwork.  The focus on neighbourhood policing and working with communities has been particularly successful.

Police and Crime Commissioners have been criticised by some but they only replaced the old defunct Police Authorities who very few people had even heard of.  It is far better to have someone who people can hold to account at the ballot box and while there are still issues with alcohol linked violence, crime has fallen overall.