Monday, 2 March 2015

Public Spending

Everyone knows that if we want to increase spending on public services we have to have a strong economy. The last Labour Government bankrupted this country and left every family with huge debts and over the last few years, the Conservative led Government has taken the difficult decisions to get our finances back in order.

However, we have still prioritized hospitals and schools. Spending on the NHS has increased
in this parliament by £12.7 billion and this additional funding has helped Cornwall and includes an expansion of the minor injuries unit at the Camborne and Redruth Community Hospital and the creation of a doctor-led urgent care centre. In addition, by cutting bureaucracy in the NHS, we have also been able to recruit 500 new doctors in the South West. 

Local schools have also seen additional funding with an increased pupil premium, giving schools in areas where there is poverty, extra funds to employ the best teachers to give children the best start in life and many of our schools have benefited from converting to academies where they have had more funding and, full control over how they spend it so that head teachers can be captains of
their own ship.