Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Vote for change

The last but one door I knocked on tonight was answered by a woman who said she was still undecided, "it's between Julia Goldsworthy and you" she said, "but you are the only person to turn up at my door." As I shook hands to leave, she wished me luck. If it comes down to one vote then deciding to do that last road in Gweek will be what counted.

I have attempted to cover each and every part of the constituency in a gruelling canvassing programme since January. It has been a really enjoyable campaign. You meet so many people that you learn a lot and you can sense changes in the public mood. Early on in the year, there was disillusion with all politics and all politicians. As the campaign has progressed, the mood among voters has become far more positive and during the last couple of weeks people have started to make their minds up and I have been getting more and more support.

Cornwwall has failed to get its voice heard in recent years and I want to put that right. From NHS funding to water bills, Cornwall has been taken for granted. I think we need to move on from talking about problems to implementing solutions. If we had a Conservative government and Conservative MPs in Cornwall, at last we would be able to get things done rather than just talk about problems.

But tomorrow is also a big chance to change our country and we probably won't get another opportunity for five years. Unless the Conservatives win seats like Camborne, Redruth and Hayle, Gordon Brown will cling to power and no one will be able to stop him. That is why the way people vote tomorrow is so important.

We have a saying in Cornwall, "one and all". Let's see that spirit of unity on polling today to give Cornwall and Britain the change that is so desperately needed.