Thursday, 18 February 2010

A warm welcome in Illogan on a cold day

I have been spending the last two days canvassing in Illogan. We have our next Question Time meeting here tonight and the response to our invitation has been very good.

I came across a lot of familiar people from my past here. The first door that I knocked on was answered by Shirley who used to be the manager of the Trevaskis Farm shop about fifteen years ago when I was working in the business. A few doors down and I came across someone who said that his mother used to live next door to Trevaskis. Then there were friends of my parents and party members too.

I got invited in by a lot of people today and offered many cups of tea. It is one of the things that happens regularly when you are canvassing in Cornwall. We know how to offer hospitality down here. It also fell suddenly cold at around 4pm so it may be that they felt a bit of sympathy for me too!

But most encouraging of all is the response I am getting. I am regularly coming across life-long Labour voters who say they will vote Conservative this time and lots of former Lib Dems who just can’t face another five years of Gordon Brown and say they will probably back me for this election.

We had a good attendance for the meeting and it was one of our liveliest yet with questions on everything from social care to pensions, prison reform, housing, water rates and whether or not Cornwall should enter its own national team in sporting events.

We also took delivery today of our latest piece of literature. We are gearing up for another campaign day this Saturday to kick start the delivery and tackle another round of envelope stuffing for the latest direct mail campaign....