Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Progress in Portreath

Julia Goldsworthy, the current Lib Dem MP, has one of her numerous homes along Penberthy Road in Portreath and Joyce Duffin, a Lib Dem Councillor, is just a few doors down.

We didn’t manage to take this ward in the local elections last summer. Portreath and Mount Hawke was one of only two wards in the whole constituency to elect a Lib Dem councillor. That is why driving hard in this area is such a priority because we need those people who voted Lib Dem last year to weigh up carefully whether they want David Cameron as Prime Minister or another five years of Gordon Brown. The Lib Dem candidate has positioned herself as the road block to change - the only candidate who can keep Gordon Brown in power. The battle lines are drawn.

Tomorrow night we have another of our Question Time meetings in the village and I am spending the day with a few other volunteers knocking on as many doors as possible. We started in Forthvean Crescent at the top of the hill. We got a good reception here. I came across one life-long Labour voter who said he would be backing me this time round. Another informed me that he was coming to Trevaskis for a meal at the weekend and said he thought it was great to have a local candidate they could support.

Down on Penberthy Road and the surrounding terraces and streets and the reception was still positive – although admittedly I decided not to knock on either Julia’s or Joyce Duffin’s door! Mount Hawke tomorrow – a village which, due to boundary changes, has no incumbent MP.