Sunday, 12 April 2009

A Sunday morning run

What better way to spend a bright Easter Sunday morning than on a long run. I am now about 7 weeks into my training and today ran for an hour and a half non-stop. Not bad. I reckon it was about twelve miles in total.

But I have a nagging ankle problem and I am going to need to be careful in the weeks ahead. Last year I had a problem with a mild achilles heel injury. I need to make sure it doesn't return so it will have to be a few days off now.

I have an old friend from my Cornwall AC days who has said he will sponsor me - but only if I break 3 hours 15 minutes. A second one said that if I break 3.30 then he will vote for me....but no promise of sponsorship. You can always rely on old team mates in the running club to turn the screw and make things harder!