Saturday, 25 April 2009

Camborne defies the weather to celebrate Trevithick

Today was Trevithick day in Camborne and it was an early start to set up our stand on time. Exhibitors are expected to be in place by 8 am.

For many years the sun has shone on Trevithick Day but this year they predicted bad weather. Late last night the rough weather arrived early had caused a false burglar alarm at Trevaskis Farm. As I went out at 1 am to check all the doors on the restaurant, I hoped it might at least mean that the storm would clear by morning. But it was not to be. We had blustery weather with showers throughout the day and it was all we could do to keep our stand from taking off!

But the turnout was still impressive. The people of Camborne were not going to let a bit of rain get in the way of their day. The dance processions went ahead as planned. The streets were buzzing.

Among the other performances were the Carnkie Cloggers, whose dance routine was probably the best way to stay warm on such a day; the Holman Climax Choir were also singing perfectly in the Town Square, albeit under umbrellas. Meanwhile, towards the other end of Trelowarren Street we were entertained by the Golowan Band and an energetic performance by Drumba with their drum routine.

I had a few goes at a 'lucky key' game being run for local charity by the local Lion's Club and a Tombola being run for CD Kids, a Camborne based dance and theatre group. However, today was not my lucky day.

The star turn was provided by the replica 'Puffing Devil' steam carriage - famously invented by Richard Trevithick. It led the procession of steam engines down Basset Road and Church Street and then up Camborne Hill. Once they got going the Puffing Devil would move along at quite a pace and leave the rest standing. But this year there was a mishap on Camborne Hill. Another steam engine had stalled in the road ahead and, much to their frustration, the driving team were forced to grind to a halt...but it wasn't long before the pressure had built back up and they were able to zoom off again.