Wednesday, 21 January 2009

80 years of success at Cornwall College

I had some information through today about the 80th anniversary of Cornwall College at Pool. As an old student, I am really looking forward to going back and seeing the changes that have taken place. I first went to Cornwall college way back in 1987 after I left school to do a part-time “BTEC” Business Studies course. I was fascinated by business and really enjoyed the good practical lessons on marketing, people management and (to a lesser extent) how to make a balance sheet actually balance.

I remember that the first couple of terms involved travelling up to Daniel Road in Truro where there was a small campus linked to the college. But we then moved back down to the main premises in Pool. I remember once being put into a role playing scenario where I had to be a company negotiator dealing with Trade Union demands and another key project where we had to put together a video promotion for a blood transfusion service - and my team came up with a particularly hard hitting offering!

Most of all, I made some good friends there – both doing business studies and in my “Phase 4” agriculture course which followed. Who knows, maybe I will see some of them now I am back in Cornwall again.