Thursday, 19 May 2022

Digital Skills and Connectivity

One of the ways we can raise wages and incomes in the area is by promoting more apprenticeships and locally Cornwall College which I attended have always been an important part of the community.  Earlier this month, the new ‘Skills and Post-16 Education Act’ became law. This aims to change the post-16 education and training landscape, opening new avenues for people both young and old to learn new skills and to help drive growth across the county.

In the past, many people in Cornwall who wanted to pursue a higher income found they had to leave the county but that is starting to change with new industries in computer software and precision engineering offering better-paid jobs locally.  The changes the government have introduced place employers at the heart of the skills system, by requiring colleges and other education providers to work with local employers to develop skill plans and ensure local skills meet local needs.

A few years ago, Cornwall College hit a difficult patch and was losing out to some other colleges like Truro College on some of their courses, but they have bounced back stronger than ever.  In March, this year they received a glowing Ofsted report, and they are now rated good across the board and the leadership and passion of the staff were singled out for praise.  It is great to see my former college performing so well and this is such an important local asset for our community and for young people in the area.

From the end of May, colleges are participating in a new ‘Basic Digital Skills Course’ that will be a five day, fully funded connectivity and digital skills course. This course uses hybrid learning and covers topics such as digital basics, online safety, communicating online, completing online application forms, and using the best job search tools available. Participants will receive their own free tablet at the end of the course and will gain a free Microsoft Office skills qualification, which can then be put on their CV.
The first course will be delivered in Pool in June, and further sessions will be throughout the Duchy over the summer in other locations across Cornwall. To book your free place or for more details call 0333 015 0699, email or visit

As we recover from the considerable impacts of the Pandemic, it is vital to recognise that while many things will return to normal, many things will not. The way we work has been fundamentally changed with many more people working from home or using technology much more often in their day-to-day lives. It is important that we offer the right training to ensure people can take advantage of these changes and no one is left behind in our recovery.

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