Thursday, 10 June 2021

Camborne Town Deal

Since first being elected in 2010, I have made a commitment that the economic regeneration in Camborne, Redruth and Hayle was my number one priority. Over the last 11 years, I have worked hard to deliver on that promise. Today, I am pleased to report the welcome news that the Prime Minister has announced Camborne has been awarded £23.7 Million from the Town’s Fund, the highest of any town in Cornwall.
The new funding will support projects like the possible acquisition and refurbishment of Camborne bus station to create the ‘Buzz Station’ complex, the creation of a ‘Fibre Park’ tech hub and the renovation of Camborne Rugby Club’s facilities. Our local towns were once at the heart of the industrial revolution and our expertise in mining engineering was second to none. Over the years, with the loss of mining and companies like Holmans, our fortunes waned and all too often the political attention was on big cities. Now, that is changing and we have an opportunity to reset this imbalance and deliver the economic regeneration that our towns and communities need.
In recent years, we have made progress in regenerating our towns with the Kresen Kernow archive centre at the old brewery in Redruth, with the new link road and developments around Heartlands and Tuckingmill, the prospect of South Crofty reopening and new jobs in industries like computer software. But there is more to do to maintain momentum.
The traditional, 20th century model of retail taking over the town centre and residential being primarily on estates around the outskirts of town may have run its course.  We need to rethink the purpose of our town centres and more and more retail goes online and goods are delivered directly to the home.  We need to get better at making our town centres more of a mixed space for living and working and improving the public realm and streetscape. As more people opt to be self-employed and often make use of digital media to work from home, there is likely to be a change in what our towns are for in the decades ahead. This new funding for Camborne will give us the finance to promote some of the changes that can secure our future prosperity.  

Later this week, world leaders will gather in Carbis Bay in Cornwall for crucial discussions on world issues at the G7 Summit. Against the backdrop of the Cornish coast, they are expected to agree on action to tackle climate change, protect nature and lead a recovery from coronavirus that works for everyone across the length and breadth of our countries. The announcement of this new funding will play an important role in the shaping of the legacy of the G7 Summit, with Cornwall benefiting from new investment in its town centres and natural landscape under these plans.

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