Thursday, 4 February 2021

Carn Brea Railway Station

In a peninsula like Cornwall, as with many rural areas, there will always be challenges to building a really resilient public transport structure.  Despite the current lockdown we must continue to think about how we will improve local transport infrastructure once we emerge from the pandemic.  Some good progress has been made in recent years. The majority of people who use the railway in Cornwall continue to use public transport primarily for local journeys including students going to school or college, going to shops or, in normal times, to see friends and family.

Since I was elected, I have made clear that regeneration was my number one priority and this includes improving and renewing our public transport network. Since 2010, there have been improvements to the ‘Night Rivera’ Sleeper Service, signal upgrades so that there could be regular half-hourly services on the railway and the introduction of the new fleet of buses marking a step forward in the quality of our bus network. However, many communities still feel disconnected and more work is needed.

One area of possible improvement I believe would be very beneficial would be the reopening of the Carn Brea Railway Station in Pool. The station had been a stop on the Cornish Main Line since the 1800s, however, it closed in 1960s along with many other stations following the Beeching Reports.

I believe that the reopening the station would offer many benefits to the local community. Since the station closed in the 1960s, the local area has developed significantly. We have seen Pool transformed over the last few years with new businesses setting up at the Pool Innovation Centre, a makeover for the college and, of course, the completion of Heartlands which includes many new homes. In addition, the area around Pool has become something of a local retail hub with many travelling some distance to make use of the new shops and retails spaces, this all strengthens the case for a new train station at Carn Brea.

Like many people who grew up in this part of Cornwall, I have fond childhood memories of Carn Brea Leisure Centre. It has been an essential part of the local community for well over forty years. So I was very pleased when the refurbished swimming pool reopened in 2018 and this adds to the overall draw to the area and helps to further the argument for investment in a dedicated Pool Railway Station which would be a stone’s throw away.

From conversations with the local councillor, Phillip Desmond, and representatives of Cornwall Council, it is clear there is considerable local support for reopening the station at Carn Brea. As a result, I will be writing to my colleague Chris Heaton-Harris MP, Minister for Transport, in the next few weeks to apply for the 3rd round of the ‘Restoring your Railways’ ideas fund. If successful, this will mean new funding for Cornwall Council to carry out important feasibility work to identify benefits, possible problems and to explore sites where the station could be located. This would set an important foundation for the future development of this project and I will continue to encourage progress toward the goal of reopening of this important transport link.

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