Thursday, 9 June 2011

Economic Regeneration

Economic regeneration and job creation has always been my number one priority and this week, with parliament not sitting, I have spent a lot of time visiting some of the good projects underway and identifying any barriers that remain to be removed. If you drive through our towns now, there is a lot happening.

I spent time with CPR discussing their plans to bring forward the redevelopment of the old brewery site at Redruth. I have backed their plan and will be pressing the Council to prioritise it and I also want to make the case for Redruth to be designated a new enterprise zone to attract new businesses.

Hayle is also a town that has had many false starts and talk of regeneration is met with a weary scepticism by some. However, last year I managed to persuade the government to come up with the £5 million needed to progress development on North Quay and I am delighted to see that work well underway. On South Quay, I have had dozens of meetings in the last six months trying to bring together all of the various parties and get them to work through their differences. I think we might just get a breakthrough this September.

Moving up the road to Camborne, I met Coastline to discuss the work at Trevu Road. There had been some initial local concern about this scheme given the historic significance of this former Holman's site but I think it is shaping up well. The new building on the corner opposite the library even has a similar character to the original Holman factory. I have always liked the idea of moving Trevithick's Puffing Devil into the show room building by the station. It would be a fantastic feature at the gateway of the town and I hope the Trevithick Society will take up the opportunity. There is also now hope for the old assembly rooms building.

Next, I visited another former Holmans site, Boslowen which is currently being built by Linden. This was also a controversial scheme but shaping up well. I was pleased to see that there were some 4 bedroom houses on the site because we have a severe shortage of such larger homes in this part of Cornwall.

Further along the road, the Heartlands project is now at a very advanced stage and it is clear that it really will transform Pool and create a special focus for Cornwall’s industrial heritage. Over the road, it is good to see that Cornwall College have managed to progress a scheme to refurbish their campus and the buildings really do look like new.

All in all, despite the doom and gloom of spending cuts, this part of Cornwall is definitely on the way up and we should all get behind those who are rolling up their sleeves and getting the work done.