Saturday, 9 January 2010

Pulling together to give Britain the change it needs

Today brought the news that Richard Copus, a leading Lib Dem activist in the Westcountry has decided to join the Conservatives. He had been a very active Lib Dem activist for twenty five years. His move reflects the feelings of many former Lib Dem voters here in Camborne and Redruth too.

Today, it is the Conservatives that are the party of the NHS and it is the Conservatives who are leading the campaign to return more powers to local communities - through legislation like the Sustainable Communities Act which Conservative MPs Oliver Letwin and Nick Hurd initiated.

A lot of people feel that this time round, it is time to vote for a change of government rather than just register a protest vote.

Today also saw a blast from the past. Paddy Ashdown gave an interview in the Western Morning News. He has been asked to come back out of retirement and try to knock the Cornish Lib Dem MPs into shape after years of failure. His interview was slumbering - full of old fashioned rhetoric about "the Tories in the 80's", but nothing of interest to say about the world post 1990. It's as if he is still in the 1992 election campaign.

Paddy Ashdown is not the only one with a problem. Just before Christmas, Nick Clegg (who is the current leader of the Liberal Democrat Party) wrote to residents in Redruth telling them that Cornwall was getting a raw deal and needed political change. As one Redruth resident put it to me, "Doesn't he know that Cornwall has had Lib Dem MPs for the last twelve years? What have they being doing all this time?"