Thursday, 14 May 2020

Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives

On Sunday evening, the Prime Minister delivered a televised broadcast to the country as we move towards the next stage of our response to the virus. Whilst the messaging has changed to Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives the guidance for now remains similar with a loosening in some areas and a provisional plan to chart a course out of this lockdown.
People should continue to work from home where possible, however if this is not possible then they should return to work and socially distance in a responsible manner. Workplaces will be required to follow Public Health guidelines on social distancing and work together with their employees to help those who cannot return to work due to childcare commitments. Where people are returning to work, they should use public transport as sparingly as possible and either drive to work by car or even better cycle or walk.
We are now also in a position whereby there is not a limit to the number of times that individuals can leave their homes. Therefore, people can go to the park with members of their households and even sit in the park or play tennis with each other whilst respecting social distancing rules. When we do leave our homes and social distancing is not possible then it is advisable that people wear cloth made face masks that will help try and slow the spread of the virus.
In the weeks and months ahead, there may yet be further loosening to the lockdown that we have all have experienced for the last 7 weeks, but the Government’s approach will remain cautious as we seek to control the rate of infection. This is important because a spike in the rate of infection will see the measures once more tightened and lockdown re-imposed on individual regions and the country. The Government’s guidance on the plan for the months ahead can be found on the website.
Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic continuing to dominate our politics, the Government is also working hard on other legislation. One of the bills that was debated this week was the Agriculture Bill which I have been working on for some time now. The bill is a crucial part of the country’s framework now that we leave the EU as we continue to press ahead with plans to develop a new policy to replace the bureaucratic shambles that was the Common Agricultural Policy.
Whilst much attention has been fixed to the amendments relating to future trade deals, the ambition of the Bill remains that we should use our new-found freedom to embark on a journey to a better future for farming, innovating and developing the policies of the future. Improving transparency and fairness in the supply chain and providing a more prosperous future for farming are key principles and I look forward to work with colleagues to deliver a coherent future policy for our agricultural sector.

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