Thursday, 9 January 2020

A New Year Awaits

The New Year has always been regarded as a time for hope and optimism. For some, it is a chance to turn over a new leaf, stop smoking or start exercising. For others it’s a chance to take up a new hobby.
Our country has had to endure several years of highly divisive argument over Brexit. It has divided communities, political parties and in some cases even families. Following the result of the recent General Election we have a chance to put all the arguments behind us, bring our country back together and start the process of healing. This week the Bill that delivers an orderly exit from the EU concluded all its stages through the House of Commons without incident. Our country has finally turned the corner and is on the way back.
The year ahead represents a fresh start for our politics and a chance to finally turn our attention to other matters. Already the Prime Minister has indicated his support for regions like the South West and others outside of London to help reduce the inequalities that exist in our communities. In the weeks ahead the UK will leave the EU and the Government will get on with delivering on the people’s priorities. From investing in our NHS, levelling up our schools funding and improving the vital infrastructure that we all depend on, there is much to be getting on with.
The year ahead also brings new opportunities for our towns. Since I was first elected in 2010, my number one priority has been to deliver the economic regeneration that our towns require, attracting the jobs and opportunities to level up our towns. Last autumn it was confirmed that all three of the major towns had been selected to receive funding. Hayle will receive funding to improve the flow of traffic at Loggans roundabout, Camborne has access to a new regeneration fund and Redruth will receive funding to help restore and preserve some of the historic buildings in the town. In the months ahead I will be working with local councils and the communities to discuss how best to deploy these new resources.
2019 was a turbulent year in British Politics however it is my hope that with a majority government that we can finally put the turmoil and divisiveness of the past year behind us and all move on. Events this week have been a very promising start.
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