Sunday, 10 February 2019

Constituency catchup

It is good to get out of Westminster at the end of each week and get back home to visit some of the many amazing charities, local schools and innovative businesses that make Camborne and Redruth such a creative and resilient place to live. I am a regular user of the sleeper train and the refurbishment of the rolling stock is now fully complete. Since I now have a 16-month-old daughter, the Thursday night journey on the sleeper is probably the best night's sleep I get all week!
On Friday morning I visited St Day and Carharrack Community School. Under the current head teacher, Susannah Storey, the school has been putting a focus on building aspiration and self confidence in its pupils. During my visit, I talked about the role of an MP as part of a programme of events they have on careers and heard about some of the work and priorities from the school and their Student Council. I try to visit all 35 of our primary schools every few years and never cease to be impressed by the commitment of staff and pupils alike.
Next on the agenda was a visit to the new council offices and library in Camborne. The Town Council have done a brilliant job restoring the building to its former glory. Inside the building the new offices are spacious, and the library has had a complete overhaul. There have been one or two teething problems with damp following the treatment which is being rectified. The library is performing well supported by volunteers and there’s even a Cornish reference section helping to preserve our unique Cornish heritage. I was also informed that the Rhyme Time club which is run for parents with younger children has also grown in size. The library is an iconic Camborne business.
In the afternoon I met the new principle of Cornwall College along with the Chairman to discuss the challenges which the college is facing, and more positively about some of the work that is taking place. The college has had some challenges over the last few years but, despite some tough decisions, the dedication and loyalty of the team to the college remains incredibly strong. I was a student at Cornwall College in the late 80's and it is an incredibly important asset locally in supporting young people on apprenticeships and providing them with the skills that they need to take well paid employment.
Later in the evening I also took part in a question time panel hosted by a group of students at Penryn College. Rather as you might expect, many of the questions focused on Brexit and the effect that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU would have on the country and Cornwall. It was a robust discussion and I was impressed that, among the students, there was actually a lot of confidence in the ability of our country to do well and take on new opportunities after we leave the EU.
Finally, on Saturday morning I held my regular advice surgery. I hold advice surgeries most weeks and have a dedicated team who are here to help unblock problems. If you have a problem that you need help solving, why not email us or drop into our Camborne office to arrange to meet one of our team. I can be contacted at, by telephone on 0207 219 7032 or by appointment in our Camborne Office at 13 Commercial Street, Camborne, TR14 8JZ.

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