Thursday, 24 August 2017

Exam Results

The anxious wait that local teenagers have had as they wait for their A Level or GCSE results is now over.  Last week we saw the A Level results come in and this week it is the turn of those who have just completed their GCSEs.  At the time of writing this article I do not yet have the GCSE results for this year but by the time you read this, they will be out.
On A Levels, Camborne Science and International Academy performed exceptionally well in the results published last week with a 100% pass rate across twenty-three courses and with some great results in Maths, with 93% scoring A or B grades. 
I am really proud of all of our schools locally which are now rated as some of the best schools in Cornwall and in many ways are doing ground breaking work nationally.   They have each made tremendous progress in recent years and it is showing in some of the great results we are seeing.  I have seen each school progress in my seven years as the MP in this area.  Teachers locally show great dedication and have a record they can be proud of.
Redruth School has made rapid progress over the last five years or so and is now achieving excellent results and it has also placed an emphasis on sport.  Pool Academy has been singled out nationally for some of their ground breaking work with innovative ways to teach maths.  Hayle School is smaller and has an excellent record in nurturing talent across a range of subjects including languages and humanities, and Camborne has carved out a leading role in science.
A few years ago the government placed a renewed emphasis on rigour in the school curriculum and on encouraging schools to focus on the established subjects like maths, science and languages which were valued more by universities.  The result is that there are now almost 2 million more children in good or outstanding schools today than there were in 2010.  
We also recognise that schools need adequate funds to be able to maintain the improvements they have been making.  School budgets have continued to grow but so too has the number of pupils with a growing population.  That is why I was pleased to see earlier this summer the government announce an additional £1.3 billion for schools which will ensure that not only does the budget grow but that funding per pupil will be maintained in the years ahead.

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