Thursday, 29 June 2017

Parking Fines

 A few years ago there were huge problems with cowboy wheel clamping companies effectively extorting huge parking "fines" from innocent drivers for very minor parking errors.  I argued for a change at the time and the government abolished the use of wheel clamping by these awful companies.

However, it's clear that the problem has not been entirely solved.  The same companies have continued to try to rip off people for trivial parking mistakes and to threaten and intimidate them with the threat of legal action.

The most extraordinary cases I have seen recently have concerned Veor GP Surgery in Camborne.  The surgery has introduced a maximum one hour limit on parking there.  People turn up for their appointment on time but often find that the doctors are running late, which is not unusual.  Then, because the surgery is running late, they overstay in the car park by a few minutes. The next thing that happens is they have to endure the stress and strain of being hounded by a cowboy parking company.  They cannot speak to anyone on the phone.  The company refuses to discuss problems but just bully people for cash.  No one replies to letters.  Veor surgery refuses to discuss the problem with them.  

These companies don't actually have a statutory right to fine.  Instead they rely on a rather creative use of contract law to provide the basis for the way they behave. 

We need to tighten the law to limit their powers, establish genuine dispute resolution and appeals processes and to cap the size of the "fine" that such companies are able to levy. We need to end the ridiculous situation where the people who judge your parking appeal are the ones trying to rip you off in the first place.

The Conservative Manifesto outlined that steps will be taken to tackle rogue private parking operators. I will be writing to DCLG to highlight the specific case of Veor GP Surgery, as well as the parking company involved to ensure that the lessons from this local problem are reflected in a national policy change.


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