Thursday, 30 March 2017

Westminster Attack

The best answer to those who seek to undermine our way of life with acts of terror is to simply carry on.  The appalling murders that took place in Westminster last Wednesday were a reminder that every country can be affected by acts of violence: the attack in London was similar to the devastating attacks in Nice last year.  However, the very next day, Parliament was back to business and the streets of London were once again packed with tourists who have come to visit the greatest city on earth. 

Our thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones.  Keith Palmer, the Police Officer who lost his life trying to stop the attacker, showed extraordinary bravery.  As details emerged of the other victims murdered on Westminster Bridge, it was clear that many families are suffering tragic bereavement this week. By the end of last week, the area was adorned with flowers from those who had come to pay their respects and books of condolence had been opened throughout Westminster.

One of the warped objectives of those who commit crimes like this is to try to sow division in our society and to turn one faith against another.  It is important that we do not allow them to succeed.  The murders last week were committed by a sad and deranged individual acting alone.  It was striking how quickly Muslim communities condemned the acts and made clear it was not in their name. 

Our security services work around the clock to monitor extremism and to try to keep us safe and they have successfully foiled dozens of planned attacks in recent years.  Sadly, everyone suspected that it would only be a matter of time before one got through.  Managing murders by lone extremists poses a challenge for our security forces because such events are not even coordinated by an organisation.  In fact, the term "terrorist attack" probably overstates what we are dealing with because there is no organised movement.  Rather, we are dealing with lone murderers who have been radicalised which is no less a challenge. 

We can but hope that, over time, this phenomena of radical extremism will recede and disappear.  But in the meantime, we must remain vigilant, support the work of our security services and carry on with our lives.

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