Thursday, 2 March 2017

Marine Hub Cornwall

Last week, I announced the launch of Marine Hub Cornwall during Renewable UK’s Wave and Tidal Conference. I have always thought there was potential for wave power in Cornwall.  The Atlantic swell gives us a wave resource that is second to none and if we could get the technology right then it could offer consistent energy generation that is sustainable.  We also have great skills and expertise in precision engineering and marine science.

Marine Hub Cornwall seeks to bring together world class assets like Wave Hub and our universities and research and development programmes to provide a seamless co-ordinated offer to the marine renewable energy sector in Cornwall. The aim is to strengthen our position as the global leader in research and technology development.

Cornwall is already recognised as providing marine renewable developers a unique prospect within which they can test technology from prototype to fully operational systems. The Cornish coast provides optimal conditions for early-stage trials at FaB Test, while Wave Hub at Hayle, the world’s largest and most technologically advanced demonstration site, allows for more advanced testing.  Wave Hub boasts one of the best wave resources in Europe and has really put Cornwall on the map in this sector.  

The launch of Marine Hub comes just a few weeks after American wave energy developer GWave announced its plans for a 9MW project to be deployed at Wave Hub. GWave, based in Portland, Maine, USA has spent the past decade developing its Power Generation Vessel (PGV) technology, an innovative wave energy device of a scale that is unprecedented, and is preparing to bring the first full-scale vessel across the Atlantic for installation right here in Hayle. GWave chose Wave Hub in recognition of the strong wave resource, infrastructure, and industry experience available there.

There are still challenges to overcome.  We need a clear path to move from wave energy being an interesting idea, to being deployed at scale and generating electricity in a low cost and effective way.  But Marine Hub is a statement of Cornwall's commitment to the idea and if anyone in the world can make this work, Cornwall can.

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