Thursday, 3 November 2016

Meeting with Volunteers

This week, I met with a group of students from Camborne Science and International Academy. They were all taking part in the National Citizen Service. As part of this, the group were at the Centenary Chapel on Wesley Street volunteering at the food bank.

Visiting groups such as these always boosts my faith in human nature. The energy, determination and commitment of the group was infectious. The food bank has now been running for a number of years. The driving force behind the project is Don Gardner but he has incredible support from volunteers both connected with churches in Camborne and outside, as well as other volunteer groups. I was really heartened to hear of the excellent contribution being made by the students from CSIA.

The concept of the food bank is simple: members of the public and sometimes local businesses donate food to the charity and local agencies can issue vouchers for food to those families facing genuine financial crisis. As well as helping those facing problems all year round, they make a special effort at Christmas. Food Banks do excellent work helping those who have hit difficult times and I fully support the efforts of people like Don Gardner and others from local churches in our community who have come together to offer support in this way.  

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