Friday, 8 April 2016

Recess in the Constituency

The great thing about recess is that it allows MPs to get away from Parliament, and catch up with work in their constituencies.

On Tuesday I started off in Constantine where I met volunteers from the Helford River Association where we discussed the issue of boats being abandoned and left to decay. There is often a problem with boat owners avoiding mooring fees by simply tethering their boats to trees on the banks of private land and it can prove difficult to identify the owners.

Then I met volunteers involved in the conservation of the Helford passage and we discussed some of the issues of illegal netting in the river which could pose a threat to diving birds. The Helford has numerous different marine protection designations and it’s good to have such an enthusiastic volunteer network.

This was then followed by a visit to the Mawnan Smith Crafts Workshops, where I met the talented craftsmen based there, ranging from carpenters to jewellery makers and the local blacksmith.  

I also had two meetings last week with local farmers where we discussed a number of issues including TB and the Rural Payments Agency and some of the debate around the EU referendum.

Wednesday brought me back into Camborne, where the main event for that day was a two-hour drop in surgery which I held in my constituency office. Case work is the bread and butter of any MPs job, and it was a good opportunity for anyone to come in off the street and speak with me about any issue that might be troubling them.

On Thursday I had a meeting about the closure of Cardrew Health Centre, which gave me the chance to seek assurances about the new walk in service that will be opening at Barncoose Hospital. I also visited the new memory café at Cornwall College Camborne which is a great project that allows those suffering from memory loss and their carers to come together in a social setting and take part in a number of challenges such as quizzes.