Saturday, 24 April 2010

The puffing devil

We had better weather for Trevithick Day this year and the crowds turned out in force. Last year it rained for most of the day and we all ended up drenched. This year we have been lent the use of a shop right in a prime location in Commercial Street which attracted a lot of interest.

At one point we had a queue and I got held up talking with a gentleman at length about pensions. I had to run across town to make it to Trevenson Street by 2pm for the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate the work of the Holman family over two centuries in the town. It was at the site of the old Holman No 3 works with the Holman Climax choir in attendance. I recently met Nigel Holman at a meeting where we were talking about the possibility of salvaging the old assembly rooms building on that site which is opposite the Conservative office in Camborne.

But the highlight of the day was, as always, the replica of the Puffing Devil, the very first steam locomotive which was invented by Richard Trevithick. It is unique and moves at quite aa pace as it comes up Camborne Hill...