Friday, 9 April 2010

Canvassing in Hayle

Over the last three days we have successfully delivered 25,000 leaflets across the constituency. Its been hard work and on the first day we all got drenched in the rain. But we have covered just about every town and village in the constituency.

Today we are pressing ahead with the canvassing in Hayle. We are getting a good reaction. I came across someone who knew the family and whose wife used to work at Trevaskis. Then there were others who used to know my grandfather.

There is disullusion with politics too. A lot of people feel let down by MPs, like Julia Goldsworthy, who abused the system. Its important to remember that most candidates and those helping them in an election are volunteers. We have a great team doing their bit for their country. But we all know we have a lot of work ahead.

My favourite moment today was meeting a lady who initially waved me away because she was sick of all politicians and thought they were all the same. She had previously voted Lib Dem but was not going to bother again. But we ended up chatting for 10 minutes and she ended by saying I had her support...