Saturday, 27 March 2010

Holman Climax Choir

The place to be last night was Camborne School where hundreds of people packed the main assembly room for a night of nostalgia and entertainment put on by the Holman Climax male voice choir.

It followed the highly successful Holmans reunion which took place earlier this year and featured the recently discovered treasure of old footage and photos from the iconic engineering firm that was once at the heart of life in Camborne and exported world beating air compressors across the globe.

I found the old photos fascinating. I can remember the last days of Holmans at the main works along Wesley Street and also the old Maxam building at Pool.

The Holman Climax Choir, now coached by leading musical director Angela Renshaw, treated their audience to an impressive and often poignant performance and there was plenty of audience participation too. We all took part in old favourites like Camborne Hill and finished the evening with Trelawney, Cornwall's anthem. Singled out for praise was Agnes, who has played the piano for the choir for half its 70 year life. What a commitment.

This part of Cornwall has struggled to regain its footing since the loss of firms like Holmans and it is why I have championed initiatives to bring new industries and new prosperity to our area - such as wave power which would need support industries that play to our engineering heritage and strengths.