Thursday, 4 February 2010

Back to Lanner

We have the next in our series of Question Time events in Lanner tonight. Mary Anson, her children and some other volunteers in the village have worked very hard getting out invitations to everyone in the village and the response has been good.

Lanner is a bit of a weathervane for the political battle being fought across the new Camborne,Redruth and Hayle Constituency. It has a strong three way mix when it comes to voting intentions. Those in the village who took part in the 2005 election and follow these things say that Lanner voted Lib Dem last time.

I have been here between the showers of rain since Tuesday but today it is fine and so I have the opportunity to really make headway and knock on as many doors as possible ahead of our meeting this evening - stopping only for a fantastic lunch at the Fox and Hounds.

Early on, I came across a wonderful lady who invited me in out of the cold. When I showed her a leaflet, she said “Eustice? Well, you must be from Gwinear then.” She then asked if I knew Ashley, her nephew. We were in young farmers together and I still see him around because he now lives near Trevaskis. It’s a small world.

Further along, I came across a life-long Labour voter who was in her seventies. Could I count on her support? “Nothing personal” she said with a friendly smile, “but I have only ever voted Labour.” I thanked her for her time and turned on my way. “But I will take one of your leaflets” she added. “I have an open mind.”

I have been getting a good reaction here. There is a strong mood for change and many people who said they usually support the Lib Dems previously said that this time they would be voting Conservative to change the government. The latest revelations in the ongoing saga of the current Lib Dem MP’s expenses claims was also front of mind for many people here.

Lanner is the home of the sporty Buzza family. I have known Dave Buzza for years through Cornwall Athletic Club. He was more successful than me and ran for England in the Commonweath Games. His brother, Alan, was a well know rugby player. As I finished the day canvassing, Michelle, Dave's partner, raced past in her car waving -no doubt on the way to work!