Thursday, 8 October 2009

The big speech

I have spent the last four days at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. There is an enthusiastic mood - but also a strong sense of caution and a focus on what is needed to win the election. Nothing is being taken for granted. The truth is that we go in to this election with fewer MPs than Michael Foot had in 1983 - and although there is now widespread disillusion with Gordon Brown, there is still a big task ahead.

I worked for David Cameron as his Press Secretary until the end of 2007. Party conference was always a demanding time. The diary would be a nightmare, there were so many media interviews to try to fit in and it was tough keeping things to time.

I supported David Cameron from the very start because I think he has the judgement and character to become a great Prime Minister. It is an important mark of a leader that they are able to rise to meet new challenges and David Cameron always has. His speech today was no exception.

I think what people saw today was someone who is ready to lead the country, not just the party. And there is no doubt that Britain needs change and leadership.