Sunday, 10 May 2009

Jean's last fling

I finish the weekend at the charity bash being held by Jean Charman, the outgoing Mayor of Camborne.

I used to go to school with Jean's son. She has been a very energetic and committed Mayor. Last Thursday she was still working hard for the local community by holding a public meeting to air local concerns over the New Connection project in Bassett Street and also to deal with anti-social behaviour in Pengegon. I went along and learnt a lot.

Tonight she was raising money for local charities. We were treated to some fantastic Jazz by the John Austin Big Band. The event was held at the Corn Exchange in the centre of Camborne. The building that is now the Corn Exchange has always been a central feauture of the town. I remember going there roller skating in the late seventies. By the early eighties, roller skates were out and it was converted into an artificial ice skating rink. By the late eighties it had become a night club, the Berkeley centre, and I spent many a night there. And a few years ago it was revamnped into the Corn Exchange.

Unfortunately, I had to rush off at 9.30 in order to catch the sleeper train back to London for a meeting first thing tomorrow morning, just as the party was getting going. I hadn't booked a bed in advance and so must take pot luck. The sleeper service is by far the best way to travel between Cornwall and London - but only if you have a bed...last week I was out of luck - but I am in luck tonight.