Sunday, 3 May 2009

Gwinear Show still going strong

Gwinear Show was an important date when I was growing up. We used to attend every year. My father was on the show committee and was President of the show for a few years.

The first one I remember was held in the field at the top of Station Road just outside Carnhell Green. That must have been in about 1979 or 1980. It was in the same field again yesterday.

In those days we had a pet donkey on the farm called Prince and I entered him in the donkey section that year. He won. The next year we were in a different field with a different judge who obviously had different views and poor old Prince, much to my disappointment, was relegated to fourth place.

When I got older I used to help my father and the many other local volunteers take everything down the Sunday after. Shows like this rely on local volunteers to make them happen and it is a great reminder that villages around here are close knit communities and know how to get things done.

This year there were concerns about the weather - particularly at Gwinear School who were demonstrating art work from the children. We had some rain on Friday so it was a little wet under foot. One or two cars got stuck. But the weather on Saturday was fine. Attendance was good and higher than previous years although the number of entrants in the gymkhana was down slightly.

It was good to catch up with so many old friends. Gwinear Farmers had a stand this year for the first time and inside was a section devoted to old photos from Praze Young Farmers Club - including one of me from 21 years ago selling the benefits of South Devon cattle during a marketing competition.

Gwinear Show is the first of the local shows. We have more to follow. Camborne Show had even been discussing the idea of doing a 'Question Time' style debate at the show for all the candidates in the Camborne and Redruth constituency. I thought it was a great idea and would have helped engage people in politics again. But the news came back today that Julia Goldsworthy has refused to take part.