Thursday, 31 October 2019

Get Brexit done or more dither and delay?

As I write this article, MPs are voting on whether to hold a General Election in December. Many of us had hoped that it would not get to this stage, that MPs would have found a way to compromise and finally deliver Brexit, indeed there was a moment where a Brexit deal looked possible, but it was not to be. Once again factions in Parliament, Labour and the Liberal Democrats came together to dither and delay and force the Government to abandon any hope of delivering Brexit this side of Christmas.
When the election comes, people will have a clear choice to make between a Government who will get on and deliver Brexit or a Labour opposition that will dither and delay and force more years of referendums and misery on this country. There will be a choice between a government that is putting 20,000 more police on the streets, delivering the biggest hospital building programme in a generation, investing £14 billion more in our schools and levelling up education funding across the country and a government that will truly deliver on the public’s priorities. Or a Labour Opposition who would turn 2020 into a toxic, tedious torture of two more referendums, one on the EU and one on Scotland, hike up taxes, ruin the economy and run this country into the ground.
Here in Camborne, Redruth and Hayle there is also a choice to be made. In my time as an MP I have made the economic regeneration of our towns and job creation my number one priority. We have made good progress in recent years with the new link road, developments around Tuckingmill and the Kresen Kernow Archive, the prospect of South Crofty reopening and new jobs in industries like computer software.
We’ve also seen huge levels of investment into our local health services, and are fortunate to have some of the best healthcare facilities in the country. Recently, there have also been significant commitments from the Government to build a new maternity and children’s unit at Treliske as well as funding to be directed towards a new hospital helping more people have access to first class public health services. Across the constituency, I’ve also worked hard to protect our precious green spaces, campaigning alongside residents to ensure that our precious green spaces are protected from inappropriate developments.
In Westminster I have worked to support those who need help the most, representing constituents cases, helping to unblock problems, proposing a bill that would correct the historic injustices that affect properties affected by mining subsidence as well as fighting for fairer funding for Cornwall, for our schools, nurseries and local services.
In the last nine years we have achieved a great deal, but there is still more to be done to drive forward the growth and reforms that people yearn for. It is time now for the people to decide between a government that will get Brexit done and get on with delivering on the publics priorities or more dither and delay with Labour.

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