Thursday, 8 December 2016

Fibre Park

This week I have a meeting at Headforwards Software in Pool, to discuss how we take forward the idea of a Fibre Park in the area. In recent years we have seen an embryonic but vibrant computer software industry taking root in this part of Cornwall. The big leap forwards came with the introduction of super-fast broadband.  It means that software companies can now compete around the world from a digital connection in Cornwall.

Previously, people often had to choose between a high flying job in London or the lifestyle choice of Cornwall.  That's changing. Now, new industries like software can run world leading operations from Camborne and Redruth offering people the best of both worlds.

Headforwards now employs over fifty highly skilled people and is expanding.  Local computer software companies are now employing hundreds of people in Camborne and Redruth and they are paying good salaries.  I want to see them grow and prosper and I also want to ensure that young people taking their GCSEs are learning to write computer code so that they can take up these new opportunities.

The idea behind the Fibre Park was that you could have a joint venture between a cluster of local software companies and Cornwall College so that you could establish a work based computer software academy where young people could learn key skills in computer programming and coding in a real working environment.  Every software company has its own unique approach so training in educational institutions can only go so far.  All of the companies need to offer a level of in house training and if we could bring training and the work environment closer together in a single cluster, you would really start to see results and ensure that some of these new high paid jobs go to young people who have grown up locally.

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