Thursday, 22 December 2016


As I write this column I have just finished signing the final Christmas cards ready to catch the last post in order to make it before Christmas. The tradition of Christmas cards plays a vital role in keeping in touch with old friends and family. Throughout life, there are always old friends who we are in danger of losing touch with. Sometimes because they have moved away, changed their job or are preoccupied with other priorities. The annual Christmas card is often the final thread that prevents you from losing touch altogether, so time writing cards is time well spent.

This year, as in previous years, I enlisted the help of local primary schools in the area to design my Christmas card. We certainly have many talented artists in this part of Cornwall!

At this time of year we should also acknowledge the extra work we create for the Royal Mail with many millions of extra items of post to process in just a few short weeks in December and our postmen go out in the worst weather that a Cornish winter can throw at them in order to make sure that families and friends keep in touch and receive their Christmas cards on time.

We must also acknowledge that this time of year can be a lonely time for many people in our community. However, it is also a time when we see tremendous goodwill and generosity. I was heartened to read about Peter Campbell from Camborne, who will be treating fifty strangers to a Christmas dinner to ensure they’re not alone over Christmas.

Last week, I visited the food bank. Don Gardner and his team of dedicated volunteers are working incredibly hard to ensure that local people who are struggling financially are able to enjoy a family Christmas dinner. Christmas really brings our communities together, and demonstrates the strength and resilience of our society.  Have a great Christmas!

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