Sunday, 30 January 2011

Back in the blogging saddle

Over Christmas, the blog column of the Cornishman criticised my blog as having less spontaneity than it once did and that most of what appeared was simply my weekly Cornishman column.

It's a fair cop. To be honest, this blog has had less attention over the last six months because there have been far bigger competing priorities like getting getting stuck in on hundreds of problems on behalf of local people and dealing with wave after wave of correspondence.

The time that I have had for writing has tended to all go on my weekly article for the West Briton and Cornishman which, let's face facts, has a few more readers than this blog. But we are starting to get on top of the workload and so I am going to try to make more regular blog postings too. Since I am currently stuck on a small train to Plymouth and my lap top battery has died, I am unable to draft any further surgery letters until I get back on a train at Totnes, so have a chance to make a start now from my BlackBerry.

I decided to have a blog rather than Twitter account because it gives you the space to develop an argument. I subscribe to the David Cameron school of thought when it comes to Twitter. I am also not a big fan of Facebook and use it very rarely, despite having an account of sorts. I think that people share far too much about themselves on Facebook and it undermines the genuine art of communication.

So for me, a Blog is a happy compromise and is my nod to the internet age. But we are about to arrive in Plymouth so that's it for this post!