Sunday, 14 March 2010

Canvassing in Redruth and Hayle

I have spent much of this week canvassing in Redruth. We now have teams out every day. The reaction has been good - a strong mood for change with both life long Labour voters and former Lib Dem voters saying they are going to unite behind the Conservatives this time to give the country the change it needs.

We have the next wave of Question Time meetings coming up - where we invite local residents to come along and throw any question they like at me. I really enjoy them and always learn something new myself.

Next up is Hayle with Camborne and Redruth following soon afterwards. On Saturday we switched our canvassing efforts to Hayle with a team of eight working hard across the eastern end of town. My family have deep roots here and we came across a number of people who had links with Trevaskis Farm or knew the family for other reasons. "What relation are you to...?" was a question that came up several times.

Hayle has previously voted strongly for Andrew George - but people understood that he had now decided to leave the town and go to Penzance due to new boundaries and were looking for someone else from Hayle to stand up for them. The issue of expenses being abused by local Lib Dem MPs was also front of mind for many.

We have decided to hold our Redruth Question Time meeting in the heart of the community in the Redruth North ward and I spent all day today delivering invitations around Murdoch Close, Montague Avenue and Close Hill. This is an area that has its share of deprivation and needs a helping hand. The current Labour government have had good intentions when it comes to tackling poverty, but have made very little impact. It is not enough to treat the symptoms of poverty. I believe we need to tackle the causes of poverty: educational disadvantage, family and social breakdown. Today it is the Conservative Party that has the answers to helping the least well off in our society and it's why I regard this part of the constituency as an important priority.