Sunday, 13 December 2009

Gwinear Church

This afternoon, Gwinear Church had their carol service. I promised Margaret Stapleton that I would make this one having been unable to make the Harvest Festival in the autumn.

My family have lived in Gwinear for many generations. It is the church where I was christened and my grandfather once helped raise the money to replace the church bells. Today, a cousin of mine is a bell ringer there.

The turnout for the carol service was good this year. There was a packed programme of readings and all the favourite carols were there.

I also had the chance before the service started to have a chat with George Ansell about some of the work he has been leading to encourage the uptake of the Cornish language. George has lived in the parish for as long as I can remember and has long championed the Cornish language through his work on the Cornish Language Board.