Thursday, 2 July 2009

Getting back on track

I said I would meet Ted Williams at Camborne Rugby Club. This Thursday afternoon is when the Cornish Rugby Sage group meets - an informal grouping of former rugby players from Cornwall.

As I approached the club I was dragged inside by Ted. They were singing old Cornish songs. Singing is not my strong point but I did my best on the last few, including "Trelawney", the Cornish anthem.

Ted agreed to become my marathon coach at the start of the year. I am running the Loch Ness marathon in October in aid of Cornwall Hospice Care. The hospice helps hundreds of families every year.

I made a strong start training earlier this year but during the hectic days of the local elections campaign in April and May, my training slipped. On top of that, while on a short break in Jersey in June, I twisted my ankle out on a long run which set me back by another two weeks.

So after the singing, we discussed how to get my training back on track. We agreed that time was short. I will need to build the mileage back up by running more frequently - and running twice some days so that the risk of injury is reduced but the work to build stamina for a marathon is done. It starts tomorrow....