Saturday, 6 June 2009

Royal Cornwall Show

I wasn't able to make it to Royal Cornwall on Thursday or Friday due to the elections but it was good to have a few hours this afternoon to get up there to meet old friends - even though the weather was not great.

My father was a council member and volunteer steward at Royal Cornwall when we were growing up and my grandfather was the Director of the Showyard. So it was always a show the family attended. My father managed one of the gates which meant an early start. I can remember sometimes having to get up at 5 am to get a lift up and then spending three hours early in the morning wondering around the show when there were few others about and nothing was open!

This year my brother, Giles, has been showing some of our pigs. The family have kept British Lop Pigs(which are native to Cornwall) at Gwinear since the 1800's and we keep the herd to this day and sell the pork through the Farm Shop at Trevaskis. It is the oldest herd of Lop Eared Pigs in the country and they are a rare breed these days.

This year we have done well - with many awards at both the Devon County Show and the Royal Cornwall. But Giles had a bit of trouble persuading the pigs to get back into the trailer for the journey home this afternoon!

I finished the day with a visit to the Young Farmers pavillion. I was a member of Praze YFC for many years. While there I bumped into Beatrice Dyer who taught me how to do public speaking for a Young Farmers debating competition way back in 1987 when I was sixteen years old.

Today she is Chairman of the Friends of the Royal Cornwall Hospital and was raising money for our health services by selling calendars in a joint project with the YFC movement. I bought one...and now I must make sure I don't lose it before next year!