Friday, 15 May 2009

Steep hills in Hayle North

I promised Jeremy Joslin I would give him a helping hand in Hayle North. Jeremy is the Chairman of Hayle Chamber of Commerce and is a great candidate to represent the people in this area.

He is a supporter of the Hayle harbour project but wants to stand up for local people to make sure that local concerns are heard by both the planners and developers and that we end up achieving the best possible outcome which could transform the future prospects of Hayle.

I first met Jeremy Joslin about 15 years ago when he used to do some design work for Trevaskis Farm. He has since become a leading figure in Hayle and has championed change. The sitting candidate, someone called Rob Lello, is widely seen by local people as having failed Hayle and only gets in by default. That is why he must be challenged properly.

In the morning we focus on Phillack - where there are a lot of steep hills. And in the afternoon we switch to the Copperhouse area and Ventonleague Road. There are a lot of hills in Hayle! But we were getting a good reception too.