Sunday, 18 January 2009

The long way to London

Ouch. Weekend engineering works on the railway line back to London which has made a 5 hour journey a 6 ½ hour journey instead. But it’s work that’s got to be done and so no point fretting about it. I have always liked travelling by train. It is basically quite fast and more importantly, on long trips you can do some work. I find it hard to read on a bus and if you drive, you can’t work at all. And although the flight link to Newquay is crucial to many business people travelling to London, I personally find that by the time you have checked in and got a train to and from the airports at either side, there isn’t much in it. The sleeper train service is my favourite. If you can sleep on them, it is the best way to travel – it’s good that this service has been kept going. I, for one, signed the petition.